MeterSmart subsidiary certified as a Meter Data Management Agent in California

ARLINGTON, Texas, Oct. 3, 2003 — MeterSmart, L.P.’s subsidiary, UDRI (which has changed its name to MeterSmart Services, has become certified as a Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) in the state of California.

Since reliable energy data providers have practically become extinct in California, utilities and energy-intensive businesses now can turn to MeterSmart Services to ensure the accuracy of energy consumption data that is used to create utility bills.

The California MDMA certification is considered one of the nation’s most rigorous approval processes. While specific requirements vary from state to state, they typically are based on the ability to validate, edit and transmit data, to demonstrate strong disaster recovery systems, and to provide straightforward training procedures.

The utilities participating in the California Public Utility Commission’s MDMA certification process are Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison. These utilities were responsible for stringent testing of MeterSmart’s practices and procedures, and each utility provided its seal of approval.

“Quality of service is paramount since a decimal error can mean thousands of dollars in unnecessary extra charges to utility customers,” said Vance Hall, vice president of utility operations at MeterSmart. “We currently perform nearly 2.5 million meter reads each year and this certification reinforces our leadership in energy data management.”

Power-intensive commercial and industrial firms like pharmaceutical manufacturers, hotels and food processing plants are paying closer attention to their business practices and the corresponding impacts on their utility bills. For instance, turning on certain equipment in a manufacturing plant can cause a huge peak in the company’s energy usage, which has a high cost associated with it. Knowing when the plant’s overall energy use exceeds internal threshold levels allows the energy manager to adjust equipment activity promptly and reduce those energy costs.

Today’s energy managers are demanding greater reliability in the data they use for these critical cost-saving decisions. Their checklist for energy data management now includes:

* Easily accessible Web-based “dashboards” containing their energy consumption data;
* E-mail alerts, including a wireless option, when their energy use exceeds threshold levels;
* Robust fiber optic connections for the actual data transfers;
* Fully redundant, “hot” backup servers to ensure seamless operating efficiency in the event of a disaster; and
* Distributed communications systems so that if a communications server is disabled, the data transfer can continue from different site locations.

The California MDMA certification complements similar accreditations earned by MeterSmart in Illinois and New York. The company is proactively seeking this voluntary certification in many other states and internationally.

About MeterSmart
MeterSmart, L.P. is a provider of reliable energy data that helps utilities and businesses save money. Through its portfolio of software, services and hardware, MeterSmart delivers real-time energy consumption data that allows customers to make fiscally and operationally sound business decisions. MeterSmart’s energy data processing, Web-based dashboards and alerting are popular software and analysis services provided by MeterSmart Services. Meters and interval data recorders are provided in cooperation with its E-Mon subsidiary. Visit or call 1-800-520-7773.