Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy

Electric vehicle technology roadmap for Canada unveiled

Ottawa, Ontario, September 29, 2009 — The Canadian Hydropower Association supports the recommendations of the Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada.

In Canada, close to 60 percent of the electricity produced is generated by hydroelectric facilities. This makes Canada well-placed to take advantage of electricity as an alternative energy to traditional transportation energy.

The first plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will be marketed in 2010-2012. Car manufacturers will offer them first in markets where the development of infrastructure, public awareness campaigns and financial incentives are of benefit to sales.

Founded in 1998, the Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA) is the national association dedicated to representing the interests of the hydropower industry. Its principal mandate is to promote hydropower nationally and internationally as a source of renewable energy, to make the economic and environmental advantages of hydropower better known, and to publicize the benefits of hydropower in the search for sustainable energy solutions. CHA members represent more than 95 percent of the hydropower capacity in Canada.