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ITC Great Plains energizes Phase II of KETA Transmission Line

ITC Great Plains, LLC, in conjunction with Sunflower Electric Power Corp. and Midwest Energy, Inc., has placed Phase II of the KETA (Spearville-Axtell) high-voltage electric transmission project into service, marking completion of the project.

The 227-mile, 345 kV line from Spearville, Kan., to Axtell, Neb., will improve the reliability and efficiency of the regional grid and make more affordable energy available.

The transmission line entered service nearly six months ahead of the original schedule, enabling Kansans to realize the benefits of the project earlier than anticipated and at a cost well below the original estimate.

ITC’s investment in a new high-voltage infrastructure in the Southwest Power Pool region is founded upon open access to the grid and collaboration with key energy stakeholders.

The partnerships with Sunflower and Midwest Energy were crucial to the development and completion of the KETA project. Earlier this year ITC, Sunflower and Mid-Kansas Electric Co. expanded their partnership agreement for the development of additional transmission projects in Kansas.

The Spearville-Axtell line, also known as the KETA Project, is a 345 kV transmission line aimed at improving the reliability and efficiency of the regional grid and making more affordable energy available. The line runs about 227 miles from Spearville north to ITC’s Post Rock substation near Hays, continuing north across the Nebraska border to Axtell, Nebraska. ITC Great Plains built the Kansas segments of the line totaling 174 miles.

The Nebraska Public Power District is responsible for 53-mile Nebraska portion of the line. Phase I of the project, from Spearville to Post Rock, entered service in June 2012.