Outage Management

Thousands of power outages continue following New England blizzard

On February 8, a blizzard dumped two to three feet of snow on New England, claiming at least 11 lives.

In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, about 126,000 homes and businesses reported that they were still out of power as of February 11.

Utilities serving the area, including National Grid, reported that power will be restored by about midnight on February 12. NSTAR has told its 85,000 accounts without electricity to prepare for an outage restoration period of several days.

According to Consolidated Edison (ConEd), hundreds of people were without power in Staten Island, a community that was hit hard by long-lasting outages that followed Hurricane Sandy.

The city of Boston reported nearly two feet of snow. Portland, Maine reported about 32 inches.

Another 1-2 inches of snow is in the forecasts, which could hurt utilities power outage response times if conditions on roads worsen.