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PGE to negotiate for additional renewable energy

Portland General Electric Co. finalized a short list of bids in its current request for proposals seeking about 100 average megawatts of renewable power. The company will begin negotiations soon to secure a resource from the final short list that meets PGE’s identified need for additional renewable power generation.

Names of the short-list bidders and other details of their proposals will remain confidential under non-disclosure agreements. The short-list bids include both power purchase agreements and PGE-ownership options.

The RFP was conducted pursuant to competitive bidding guidelines established by the Oregon Public Utility Commission, using objective scoring criteria intended to identify renewable projects that will provide the best balance of cost and risk while meeting PGE customers’ needs for reliable, affordable electric power.

Accion Group Inc., an independent evaluator selected by the OPUC, oversaw the RFP and review of bids to assure an objective and impartial process. On March 11, 2013 the independent evaluator gave the OPUC a final assessment of the bid scoring and final short list selection, and a closing report with a detailed assessment of the process.

PGE will ask the independent evaluator to monitor the negotiations. Final selections are expected by mid-2013. PGE expects the resources selected will be brought into the company’s portfolio in the 2013-2017 timeframe to help meet Oregon’s Renewable Energy Standard.

Portland General Electric, headquartered in Portland, Ore., is an electric utility that serves about 828,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Oregon.