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China reaches out to help Pakistan with its electric power shortage

China’s Premier Li Keqiang said his country should cooperate with Pakistan‘s government on power delivery, interconnection and power generation to help the Islamic republic meet its energy needs.

The productivity of Pakistan’s industrial sector has slowed to a halt in the past due to power shortages. Furthermore, a lack of electric power does nothing to quell civil unrest in a country often beset by sectarian violence, widespread unemployment and a depressed economy.

Li, who assumed his current office in March 2013, called for the establishment of a China-Pakistan economic corridor, or a “handshake across the Himalayas.”

According to Reuters, there are several joint energy and infrastructure projects already in the works within Pakistan.

Trade between China and India reached a new high of more than $12 billion, according to a Reuters report. The two governments would like this figure to rise to $15 billion in the next few years.