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Areva to supply spent fuel pool instrumentation to U.S. utilities

Areva won a series of contracts from U.S. utilities for the delivery of more than thirty Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation systems. The systems meet the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s post-Fukushima requirements for spent fuel pool monitoring.

One contract is for the supply of four VEGA through-air radar spent fuel systems to South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Co. The deal also includes “development of engineering services for the installation of the systems,” at the two-unit South Texas nuclear plant.

In April 2013, Areva announced it had received a similar contract to provide Duke Energy with 20 VEGA Through-Air Radar spent fuel systems, as well as a system specifically for training. Duke Energy operates ten reactors in the U.S. Areva also won a contract in January 2013 to supply spent fuel systems to an un-named U.S. plant.