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Dominion awards Areva nuclear fuel contract

AREVA won a $73 million nuclear fuel contract with U.S. utility Dominion for Unit 2 at its Millstone Power Station in Waterford, Conn. AREVA, which currently supplies fuel to Millstone 2, will provide fuel to the plant through 2035, when the operating license expires.
In addition to the fuel fabrication, the scope of work also includes studies and engineering services.

“The AREVA design has operated well in the Millstone Unit 2 core and helped us achieve our fuel performance goals,” said Kerry Basehore, director nuclear analysis and fuel, Dominion.

“With this contract, we will offer stability for Dominion in terms of pricing fordecades into the future. This security of supply is invaluable to utility companies, and it was made possible through the reliability of our products,” said Markus Birkhofer, executive vice-president of AREVA’s fuel activities.