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ONZO partners with Kantar on smart energy data project

Energy data analytics firm ONZO and research company Kantar will collaborate on a project using household energy data collected from smart meters to evaluate consumer patterns at home.

During the six-month pilot study, ONZO will collect whole-house data from 15 households, who have all volunteered to participate. The data will then be analyzed using ONZO’s algorithms to understand which appliances are used, when and for how long, and what kind of patterns emerge; such as which settings are used on washing machines or microwaves.

According to Kantar, information from appliance-usage based on energy data could be a faster, more accurate way of recording how consumers are using their non-digital household appliances. Kantar will combine this data with its own datasets about consumers, such as those related to purchasing, in the belief that the new approach might unlock new insights for its clients.

ONZO specializes in generating insights from energy data, using advanced analytical techniques. These can infer aspects of lifestyle and identify individual appliance usage patterns from whole-house energy usage data where a smart meter or sensor is installed. Kantar companies collectively offer the most complete view of consumers — the way they live, shop, vote, watch and tweet — in more than a hundred countries worldwide.