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AEP West Virginia Transmission Co. files to replace ‘20s-era power line

AEP West Virginia Transmission Co., an Appalachian Power affiliate, filed an application on October 14, 2014, with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia requesting permission to rebuild about 6.3 miles of 46 kV transmission line in Kanawha County.

The 1920s-era line runs between Appalachian Power’s Chemical and Turner substations. Once in service, the new line will provide a reliable source of electric service while strengthening the infrastructure and transmission grid in the region.

The Chemical-Turner Project involves replacing existing towers with sturdier steel lattice and H-frame towers of a higher voltage. The new taller structures allow for future upgrades and capacity growth without additional construction.

The majority of construction will take place within or adjacent to existing rights of way. In some areas, the right of way will be widened to accommodate construction.

Construction is scheduled to start in April 2015. The $20 million project is slated to be in service in spring 2016.

Appalachian Power has 1 million customers in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee (as AEP Appalachian Power). It is a unit of American Electric Power, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, which delivers electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states. AEP owns nearly 38,000 MW of generating capacity and a nearly 39,000-mile network.