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Accenture, Exelon roll out power plant mobile technology solution

Power plant operator Exelon collaborated with Accenture to implement a mobile technology solution to enhance the productivity of its workforce and increase efficiencies in plant operations and maintenance.

The Electronic Work Package (eWP), based on software from DataGlance and deployed using Apple iPads distributed to plant maintenance crews, represents the first transition of a commercial nuclear power plant from paper-based work packages to a completely digital solution, from planning through closeout.

In 2013, Exelon performed a study with Accenture’s assistance to determine whether a move to a mobile tablet solution would provide performance improvement opportunities while meeting stringent regulatory and safety requirements, which have previously deterred the nuclear industry from taking this step. The findings showed a compelling opportunity to better manage various work streams while improving data accuracy and reducing costs.

The deployment of the eWP solution required seamless integration of enterprise IT systems with operational technologies in the field and the mobile devices, to ensure safety, standardization and accuracy of information.