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PJM studies impact of Maryland biomass/solar power project

Chesapeake Renewable Energy LLC has proposed a 19.9 MW MFO (15.9 MWC) generating facility consisting of a 13.5 MW biomass-fired steam boiler and turbine/generator and a 6.4 MW solar power array, according to GenerationHub.

A PJM Interconnection study on the project, dated February 2015, added that the facility will be located in Pocomoke City, Maryland. PJM studied this project, under queue No. AA1-107, as a 19.9 MW injection into the Delmarva Power and Light (DPL) system at a tap of the Costen-Pocomoke 138 kV circuit and evaluated it for compliance with reliability criteria for summer peak conditions in 2018. The planned project in-service date, as stated in Attachment N, is Dec. 1, 2016.

The intent of this combined feasibility/system impact study is to determine a plan, with approximate cost and construction time estimates, to connect the subject generation interconnection project to the PJM network at a location specified by the Chesapeake Renewable Energy. This study is a mid-point in the queue process at PJM, which culiminates with the signing of an interconnection service agreement. The project entered the queue in October 2014.