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PG&E chooses Jupiter Systems for new power grid control room

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) picked Jupiter Systems to provide the Canvas collaborative visualization solutions in a new control center in Fresno, California. PG&E, a Fortune 500 company and one of the country’s largest utilities, serves more than 16 million customers throughout northern and central California.

Jupiter’s Canvas solution was selected in part for its ability to deliver information and enable real-time collaboration on any device. Canvas transforms any computer, smartphone or tablet into a portable video wall with access to the same information as on the “big screen” at the central command center, allowing distant managers to collaborate as if they were in the same room.

PG&E control room operators and field personnel will have an unprecedented level of visibility into the vast and critical system they operate, and the tools that enable real collaboration and rapid response.

Jupiter Systems collaborative visualization solutions are installed in command and control centers for a wide variety of critical infrastructure and public sector agencies, such as power, water, telecommunications, transportation, railways, seaports, highway traffic management and emergency operations centers.

Jupiter’s systems are used around the world in utilities including: PG&E, California ISO, Colorado Springs Utilities, El Paso Energy, Con Edison, Georgia Power, Florida Power & Light, Memphis Power & Light, Tennessee Valley Authority, Hydro Ottawa, AES Electropaulo (Brazil), Fiji Electricity Authority, Jordan Electric Power Company, Jilin Electric Power (China), and many others.