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PSEG Long Island utility crews leave for Florida

PSEG Long Island released an additional 169 company employees and contractors to Florida to help Florida Power & Light, Tampa Electric Co. and Duke Energy Florida restore electric service to customers who lost power during Hurricane Irma.

Leaving from Roslyn, New York at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, the PSEG Long Island-led contingent will join the 300 PSEG Long Island contractors that travelled south last week in preparation for Hurricane Irma making landfall.

All of the more than 460 PSEG Long Island employees and contractors are projected to be needed for several weeks.

“Hurricane Irma caused a significant amount of damage to the electric system throughout Florida and continues to ravage parts of the southeast,” said John O’Connell, Vice President of Transmission and Distribution at PSEG Long Island. “The restoration is going to take a substantial amount of work and time. PSEG Long Island is fortunate to be in a position to send line personnel and tree crews to assist in restoring electric service as safely and quickly as possible.”

Mutual aid allows for the sharing of resources such as labor and equipment during emergencies. The hosting utility reimburses for associated costs.