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PJM picks Via Science to help mitigate fuel supply risks during extreme weather events

PJM Interconnection chose Via Science to help mitigate risks to fuel supply for power generation during extreme weather events.

The interdependence of the United States power grid infrastructure makes the delivery of energy across the nation uniquely vulnerable to unpredictable events like extreme weather.

While grid operators have spent decades preparing for such risk, the use of artificial intelligence shows great promise for improving grid reliability and security as well as mitigating potential issues before they occur.

“We look forward to working with Via Science on a pilot that will help us identify where specific risks are in our gas and electric interdependency system to ensure the grid is resilient during unexpected events, like a polar vortex,” said Emanuel Bernabeu, PJM’s Manager, Applied Solutions. “While our team at PJM has experience in AI and machine learning, the criticality of our decisions requires new approaches that provide explanations of why a specific recommendation or prediction has been made.”

Via Science’s AI software provides decision makers not just with recommendations to repair or replace a piece of equipment, but the reasoning behind why each recommendation was suggested.

After a live evaluation phase, it is anticipated that this initiative can move to full deployment using Via Science’s new blockchain application, allowing PJM to analyze transmission-specific data without the risks inherent in transferring data.