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PG&E says it could cut power in 30 counties

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric says it may cut power to more than 600,000 customers across Northern California later this week to prevent its equipment from starting wildfires during hot, windy weather.
The utility says power could be shut off in part of nearly 30 counties in central and Northern California starting Wednesday and through Thursday, when hot weather and strong winds are forecast.
PG&E said Monday the blackout would include parts of seven of nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. It would also affect portions of the Central Valley and the northern and central coast.
The utility says customers should be prepared to be without electricity for several days.
Some of the most destructive blazes in California in recent years were started by PG&E power lines. Winds can knock down live wires and power poles or drive trees and other vegetation into contact with them.