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Powerful winds cause power outages in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — High winds across Indiana have blown over trees and left tens of thousands of power customers without service.

Indiana electric utilities reported more than 44,000 customers without service late Wednesday morning. They include 15,000 served by Duke Energy and more than 13,000 served by Indianapolis Power & Light.

The National Weather Service recorded a 66 mph wind gust in Valparaiso, a 64 mph gust in Adams County in northeastern Indiana and a 60 mph gust at Indianapolis International Airport. It also received reports of trees being blown down across the state.

The weather service said in a statement that the winds were creating difficult travel conditions for high-profile vehicles, such as semis.

Interstate 5 southbound from Ashland, Oregon to California has reopened after blizzard conditions closed it temporarily, but northbound I-5 from Redding, California into Oregon remains closed.

The Siskiyou Summit at the border on I-5, typically one of the more perilous sections of freeway along the West Coast corridor in wintery weather, had seen 6 inches of new snow with 10 inches packed on the roadside.

Oregon and California transportation officials are coordinating to decide when roads are safe for vehicles again.

Strong winds are whipping up snow and hampering travelers in Nebraska and Iowa.

The storm system that wreaked havoc as it raced through Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska remains over much of Iowa. The National Weather Service says gusts could approach 60 mph as the storm heads northeast. A gust of 53 mph was reported Wednesday morning in Davenport.

The Iowa Transportation Department says several highways are packed with snow, but none are closed.

The National Weather Service says little new snowfall is expected over Iowa, where 8.3 inches was reported a mile west of Spirit Lake.

Far western Nebraska is shoveling out from higher amounts. Nearly a foot has been reported southeast of Lyman, with drifts up to 16 inches deep.

Several Nebraska highways and county roads are covered with snow as well, but no weather-related closures are reported.