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PSE&G resuming work while continuing COVID-19 safety protocols

Customer Service
Credit: Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

As a result of New Jersey Governor Murphy’s recent executive order and with approval by the Board of Public Utilities, Public Service Electric & Gas Co. (PSE&G) will be resuming work. Employees and contractors will follow protocols guided by the CDC, the New Jersey State Department of Health and directives from state and local governments.

PSE&E said that its service technicians have already responded to more than 3,400 air conditioning calls just within the past two weeks. Other projects will resume June 1. For about two months during COVID-19, PSE&G suspended most customer visits while still responding to emergencies such as gas leaks and no heat calls.

PSE&G’s new program, WorryFree Tech-Talk, allows technicians to assess repairs remotely and either walk customers through quick fixes or order parts that can arrive before an in-home visit. When employees need to interact with customers, they follow social/physical distancing protocols and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Joe Forline, PSE&G vice president for Gas Operations, said, “We also are currently continuing efficiencies born during the pandemic, including our temporary WorryFree Tech-Talk program that offers virtual repairs and services with live technicians.”

PSE&G has been taking measures including but not limited to the following:

  • Training and equipping employees with appropriate face coverings, eye protection, approved hand sanitizer, and approved disinfecting spray and/or wipe products.
  • Practicing social/physical distancing with our customers and crew members.
  • Pre-screening customers, with questions regarding COVID-19 status and travel patterns, the day of service appointment prior to entry. PSE&G employees and contractors are asked the same questions before and during their shifts.
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing tools, equipment and vehicles, as well as surfaces after the job task is complete, using CDC/EPA approved disinfectants.
  • Decontaminating all reusable items after each appointment.