The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies In Building Utility Operations and Field Services Resiliency 

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In this session, we will share how the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in combination with modern modeling techniques, geospatial data and predictive analytics is enabling utilities to build greater resilience across their utility operations and field services organizations. John Villali from IDC will share his perspectives on the key benefits of these technologies while Rob Berglund from IBM will share examples of clients who are benefiting from their use.

Customer Care: The New Reality is a Merged Reality

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Imagine if you could attend home visits virtually, guiding customers through trouble-shooting or other activities while in a separate location? This merged reality is happening today! Learn how a virtual tech site visit guarantees compliance with health guidelines, while reducing truck rolls and other costs.

The New York Power Authority announced this week that it will launch a project with the EPRI to explore the use of crushed rock thermal energy storage to provide reliable & effective storage in a market with significant renewable energy resources. ➡️

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The outlook for electric vehicles is brighter than ever, with BloombergNEF (BNEF) estimating that EVs represent a $7 trillion global market opportunity between today and 2030 and a $46 trillion opportunity between now and 2050, under its ETS. Read more:

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