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This website is the home for industry-leading news, information and thought-leadership about the electricity delivery industry. You will find daily news on a number of topics, including smart grid, T&D, metering, energy efficiency and demand response, renewable generation and customer service. The site also provides access to articles from the many years that the Electric Light and Power publication and the POWERGRID International publication produced printed magazines.

DISTRIBUTECH International is the utility industry’s leading annual transmission and distribution event, covering automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, power delivery equipment, commercial and industrial energy management technology, smart grid, e-mobility, DERMs and so much more.

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POWERGRID International eNewsletter: This weekly eNewsletter covers everything related to the delivery of electric power, from both a business and a technology perspective. The last issue each month focuses on executive content, covering trends in smart grid technology, IT/OT, resiliency, customer engagement, DER, storage, renewable energy, energy efficiency and much more.

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Content Team

Content Manager
Jennifer Runyon

Content Director, DISTRIBUTECH International, Renewable Energy World and POWERGRID International
Subject Matter Expert in Renewables and Other Distributed Energy Resources
+1 603-891-9363

Elizabeth Ingram
Elizabeth Ingram

Content Director, HYDROVISION International and Hydro Review
Subject Matter Expert in Hydropower, Dam Safety, Marine Energy, Wind Power, Energy Storage
+1 918-831-9175

John Engel
Content Director, Renewable Energy World
O:+1 203-274-9216

Rod Walton
Rod Walton

Content Director, POWERGEN International and Power Engineering
Subject Matter Expert in Fossil and Nuclear Generation
+1 918-831-9177

Promotions and Marketing Team

Jenna Hall

Media Sales Manager
Phone: +1 918-831-9121
LinkedIn: Connect with Jenna

Nikki McGooden

Nikki McGooden
Media Sales Manager

O +1 918 831 9101
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Desiree Hanson
Executive Vice President


Stephanie Kolodziej

Stephanie Kolodziej
Portfolio Director

Phone: +1 603 891 9391
LinkedIn: Connect with Stephanie