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Biden puts U.S. back into fight to slow global warming

President Joe Biden returned the United States to the worldwide fight to slow global warming in one of his first official acts Wednesday and immediately launched a series of climate-friendly efforts that would transform how Americans drive and get their power.

Fire official: Arcing power lines caused big Reno brush fire

Satellite imagery and surveillance video from a casino roof 5 miles (8 kilometers) away helped pinpoint arcing power lines in gale force winds as the cause of a November brush fire that destroyed five Reno homes and damaged two dozen others, investigators said Tuesday

Federal court strikes down major Trump climate rollback

A federal appeals court struck down one of the Trump administration’s most momentous climate rollbacks on Tuesday, saying the administration acted illegally in issuing a new rule that eased federal regulation of air pollution from power plants.

California heat, poor planning led to August power outages

Energy regulators on Wednesday last week blamed blackouts last summer that affected hundreds of thousands of Californians on poor planning, electrical market problems and an extreme heat wave that blanketed the West.

Court puts halt on construction of $1B Maine power corridor

A federal appeals court has halted construction of a $1 billion power transmission line corridor through Maine to give conservation groups time to make their case against the project.

Electric truck maker hits 100,000 orders ahead of fall start

The light duty truck has a range of about 250 miles and is mainly being marketed to commercial customers such as utility companies and municipal governments.

Xcel Energy seeks rate increase to recover investments

Xcel is proposing a rate increase to recover some of the more than $1 billion in investments it has made since 2019.

The “Bubba” vote: McDonald delivers win for Republicans

Lauren “Bubba” McDonald won more votes than either David Perdue or Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Tuesday's election to claim a fourth term on the Georgia Public Service commission. McDonald defeated Democrat Daniel Blackman in a runoff after falling short of a majority in the November general election.

Mexico’s state power company admits it falsified document

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s state-owned electrical power company acknowledged Tuesday it presented a falsified brush fire report to explain a widespread blackout in December. The Federal Electricity Commission has been criticized for being antiquated...

Utility-consumer balance at issue in Georgia PSC runoff

Incumbent Republican Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, who has been on the utility regulator for 22 years, is trying to win a fourth six-year term. But McDonald fell short of a majority in November and was forced into a Tuesday runoff by Democrat Daniel Blackman, who's trying to break into what's now an exclusively Republican club on the five-seat body.