Customer interest peaked for home energy management

Connected-home and renewable energy applications are becoming more attractive to electricity customers who are concerned about their energy spending.

According to consumer research from Accenture, some 71 percent of electricity end users think their utility company could be doing more to assist them in curbing their energy bills. Only 21 percent said they were satisfied by utilities’ explanations for rate hikes.

Accenture‘s report, called Architecting for the Future, surveyed more than 13,000 individuals in 26 countries and found that a majority of customers are interested in a range of next-generation home and energy solutions from their energy provider, including advice on energy efficiency.


Customer interest in digital energy tools is growing, but about two-thirds of consumers have seen challenges adopting these technologies. Only 45 percent said they were able to complete a given request every time.

The vast majority of customers (80 percent) said their digital customer service is better at companies in other sectors of the economy, including banks, online retailers and telecommunications companies – even government agencies.

More than half of electricity customers told surveyors they would think about installing solar panels or connected-home solutions in the next half-decade, or buying an electric vehicle in the next 10 years, according to Accenture.

Interest in connected-home products and services such as energy management and other monitoring and control solutions is projected to rise from seven percent to 57 percent in the next five years, due to the expectation that they will help reduce energy bills, increase comfort and convenience, and enable remote control of home devices.

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