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10 things bus fleets need in order to electrify (Part 1 of 2)

by Alison Wiley “I don’t understand this contract at all,” a Transportation Director of a medium-sized school district recently told me. Thad (not his real name) had been running buses for decades, almost all diesels, like...

Has privatization failed Texas utility customers?

Relative electricity prices have increased dramatically, and dangerously lower electrical system reliability is the result of Texas electric utility deregulation in 2002
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Energy startups find positivity in pandemic

Last month, I had the pleasure of chatting via phone call with five stakeholders from our Initiate startup program in the US. I was curious to find out what the impacts of COVID-19 feel like for...

Ravens find pecking playground in New England power substation

A power substation located in New England found itself with an unusual number of outages, beginning almost immediately after the substation was constructed. There was no obvious flaw in the equipment, and diagnostics found it should be in working order. 

Four steps Colorado’s utilities need to take to prepare for SB77

In Colorado's recently-passed electric transportation legislation, SB77, the legislature declared the importance of electric vehicle adoption, and that utilities should act to facilitate access to electric vehicle charging, especially in low income and disadvantaged communities

Georgia’s energy is getting greener as utilities make more renewable energy

Georgia's current energy mix is made up primarily of natural gas, coal and nuclear, but there are other sources

Blog: Blockchain’s coming of age in the enterprise world

At the Business Blockchain Summit in London recently, Dale Chrystie, FedEx's Blockchain strategist, invoked the words of FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith, who said that in business there were no prizes coming second: to stay ahead, business must innovate.

Smart grid transformation hinges on data bandwidth — and lots of it

Sensors, smart meters, and other digital devices have the potential to transform the nation's electric grid — from outage-detecting utility poles to household appliances programmed to run only when wind power is plentiful

From commodity supplier to digital energy service provider: A how to guide

As digital innovation takes root across the sector, how exactly are you supposed to take meaningful action now that will adapt for the longer term?

Low income customers and energy savings: An SECC investigation

This spotlight on lower income consumers aims to understand the attitudes and behaviors of energy consumers with incomes less than $50,000/year