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Electrifying Europe and the need for Collaboration in Decarbonizing Heat

In the quest for greener energy supplies and decarbonization, heating is a major focus. It is widely understood that it is necessary to eliminate or at least reduce the need for gas and oil to heat buildings. 

Protecting power: why the electricity sector must switch to a cyber-first mindset

All this communication means one thing: connectivity

Commentary: Eastern states promote offshore wind, but they are expensive, risky

The US Department of Energy has funded over $200 million in offshore wind research since 2011

Cyber attacks may not be what you expect

The power grid is composed of generation, transmission and distribution systems, all working in unison to provide uninterrupted power supply

Managing Outages as if the Customers were in the Room

It takes an army of people behind the scenes to not only restore power during a large event but also deliver the kind of information that allays the fears of customers (who may be part of an extended outage) trying to plan their next move. 

Why co-ops and munis should embrace distributed energy changes

In this age of Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and the like, it's easy to understand why so many of us in the utility business are ambivalent-to say the least-about the trend toward distributed generation

Why Cooperatives and Municipal-owned Electric Systems Should Embrace Distributed Energy Changes

Think of the way Walmart is going head-to-head with Amazon in the realm of ecommerce, or the billions of dollars that mainstream automakers like Toyota, BMW and Ford are sinking into driverless cars. In much the same way, member-owned cooperatives, as well as many municipal-owned electric systems, stand to benefit by leveraging the trend toward distributed generation, as opposed to resisting or denying it.

Change is coming and we’re on it

I've experienced firsthand a transformation that could be even bigger than that of the utility industry—the publishing industry

Rise of renters: An opportunity for utility customer engagement

Among the many demographic shifts shaping the U.S. today, one that seems to have flown under the radar is the rise of renting and decline in homeownership

A lesson from Japan: Turbine failure turns lessons into successes

Nagasaki may be known to the outside world mainly as a target for the second nuclear bomb attack by the U.S., but it also holds a key role as a centerpiece of the electric power turbine industry