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Blog from ex-regulator: How to avoid shattering private-sector accountability for cybersecurity

With a noticeable deficiency of qualified cybersecurity expert's and a centralized utility industry focus on "keeping the lights on," the energy sector has become a prime target for cyber intrusion

Is the DOE really in love with all of the above?

The staff report did not re-invent the turbine, but will provide fuel for thought in the years ahead

Adapting to a changing landscape with fuel cell technology

Utilities have been required to invest heavily in their operations at a time when electricity sales are generally flat or in decline

Malware capable of shutting down electric grids confirmed

CrashOverride may be the worst cyber threat since Stuxnet

Blog: Bringing infrastructure problems from the margins to the mainstream

As San Francisco's recent power outage demonstrated, the electrical system is becoming increasingly fragile

What makes photovoltaics electricity truly competitive

Solar photovoltaics has experienced a dramatic reduction in cost and is becoming the cheapest form of electricity generation in many countries

Keeping the lights on is often taken for granted, but not today

Those who climb high and risk all to keep the power on are getting their day today. But, typically, many of them are doing for others to celebrate it

ComEd expanding opportunity for local minority candidates

ComEd "CONSTRUCT" and partners launch largest training class to date; expand region's job opportunities in construction, engineering, solar power and energy efficiency fields

Mitsubishi-Hitachi Americas CEO on moving the next gigawatt of clean power

The availability of affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible electricity is vital

Blog: What Trump said (and didn’t say) about energy

President Donald Trump's first speech to Congress did not give many details about a national energy policy, but it made clear his direction on regulation and infrastructure