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POWERGRID International features articles that explore how utilities of all sizes are innovating to make themselves into the utility of the future.

It takes an army of people behind the scenes to not only restore power during a large event but also deliver the kind of information that allays the fears of customers (who may be part of an extended outage) trying to plan their next move. 

POWERGRID International often features articles that cover fighting cyberthreats to both utilities’ infrastructures and their systems that house sensitive customer data. This issue is no exception.
Executive Insight

The advancements in control and sensoring technologies alone is changing all of our worlds, whether it’s how we drive to work or make energy more efficient. And while we still have plenty of intensely curious and inventive people working on these things, the grid itself is suffering from an extreme workforce shortage.

Think of the way Walmart is going head-to-head with Amazon in the realm of ecommerce, or the billions of dollars that mainstream automakers like Toyota, BMW and Ford are sinking into driverless cars. In much the same way, member-owned cooperatives, as well as many municipal-owned electric systems, stand to benefit by leveraging the trend toward distributed generation, as opposed to resisting or denying it.