Renewable Energy

Atlanta-based Future Energy Resources Corp. (FERCO) received $16 million from the Turner Foundation and a group of private investors to commercialize FERCO`s biomass gasification technology currently in operation at the McNeil Generating Station, Burlington, Vt. FERCO`s process produces electric power directly from biomass fuel using unmodified product gas in a gas turbine. Energy crops and forestry, agricultural and municipal waste streams can be converted into a clean medium BTU gas that can d
Renewable Energy

Voith Hydro is using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and visualizations to design turbines that are friendlier to fish. In conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Voith has developed virtual fish that swim in a computer-generated animated environment. CEI`s EnSight visualization software allows researchers to watch virtual fish pass through a hydraulic turbine and pinpoint what forces could harm fish.

An Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-sponsored working group has developed the first interconnection standard of its kind for allowing utility interconnections of non-utility-owned distributed generation (DG) equipment.

Portland General Electric agreed to sell stakes in its hydroelectric system over four decades to American Indian tribes that now lease the dam properties to the utility. It plans to sell a third of the 408 MW Pelton Round Butte system to the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs next year, up to 49.9 percent by 2021 and an option for a controlling stake in 2037. The tribes would pay for the system over 50 years by selling their share of the electricity to Portland General or other utilities at
Renewable Energy

KW International, a London-based risk management software company, recently opened its first U.S. office, in San Francisco. The company`s primary product, kW2000, uses transaction and contract analysis methodologies to provide users with energy forwards trading, portfolio management and risk management capabilities. Major clients include Cinergy and Southern Company`s European trading arm, plus international energy companies including Electricite de France, Electrabel of Belgium, Norsk Hydro, Po