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With respect to regional transmission grids, it's better to be right than quick, Linda Breathitt, a commissioner for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told a large industrial power consumer's group. Federal regulators recently backtracked on a December deadline for utilities to join regional transmission organizations.

Given the concern about security of the US energy infrastructure, companies should consider adopting security impact reviews that would be similar to environmental impact statements, a Houston law firm says. The recommendation and others were part of a new report on possible threats to the industry in a report prepared by Bracewell & Patterson.
Outage Management

Saudi Arabian government officials opened a $100 million power station in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The station is expected to ease pressure on the existing network, which was being subjected to such extreme demand during the summer that power cuts often occurred, Makkah Gov. Abdul Majeed said.
Executive Insight

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Wednesday extended the Dec. 15 deadline for utilities to join regional transmission grids and said it will set new deadlines for each of four general regions. FERC also said it will issue notices of proposed rulemaking on interconnection agreements and procedures in January and a second notice for pricing these services in April.