San Diego Gas & Electric pays $57M over botched bulb program

San Diego Gas & Electric will refund $51.6 million to ratepayers and pay a $5.5 million fine over a botched program to encourage people to buy energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Building More Sustainable Grids by Improving Renewables Forecasting and Integration

Thursday, September 16, 2021 | 2 p.m. EDT

During this session, hear from Robbie Berglund and Rob D'Arienzo of IBM, on how AI is helping achieve more accurate predictions due to the advantages provided by combining large-scale geospatial data and analytics with relevant data sources including wind and irradiance forecasts.

When Traditional Overhead Construction Is Not an Option

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This webinar we will review Aerial Spacer Cable applications relative to the many overhead circuit challenges faced by electric utilities today. These applications include limited right of way, multiple circuits, substation exits, long spans, weather extremes and vegetation management.

The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies In Building Utility Operations and Field Services...

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In this session, we will share how the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in combination with modern modeling techniques, geospatial data and predictive analytics is enabling utilities to build greater resilience across their utility operations and field services organizations. John Villali from IDC will share his perspectives on the key benefits of these technologies while Rob Berglund from IBM will share examples of clients who are benefiting from their use.

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How smart energy networks will transform lives

In just a few years time, when the majority of energy meters are digitalized, the smart networks that will evolve inside our homes will help to change the way we live.
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Transforming utility customer service: Evaluation, measurement and verification

EM&V activities can provide quantifiable data to justify monetary incentives to support the widespread deployment of lower carbon technologies, especially as these technologies encourage switching from existing fuel sources to electricity.

TVA board votes to extend $220M pandemic recovery credit into FY 2022

The TVA Board of Directors took action at its meeting last week to further extend support to communities, businesses, and people across the region challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, approving an extension of the Pandemic Recovery Credit through fiscal 2022.

Southwest Power Pool hopes to prevent utility cost spikes

An executive with the nonprofit corporation that oversees the electric grid across 14 states in the nation’s midsection told Oklahoma regulators Tuesday it is taking steps to prevent future weather-related spikes in utility costs.

The latest on SEEM, FERC, and the impact on renewable energy

The coalition of Southern utilities petitioning to form a new market exchange has responded to a second deficiency letter from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Tampa Electric announces settlement agreement on rate increase

On August 6, Emera reported that its largest operating company, Tampa Electric, had filed a settlement agreement for its rate request with the Florida...

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