Convergys introduces smart CIS solutions

Cincinnati, May 5, 2010 – Convergys Corp. announced the worldwide availability of Convergys Smart CIS Solutions, next generation billing and customer care solutions for the utility and energy markets.

Aging infrastructure coupled with continuing changes in new technology, customer awareness, and regulatory focus are having an impact on the traditional utility business.

Utilities all over the world are facing a future marked by high volumes of data, mandated complex rate structures, and new consumption models that include electric vehicles and consumer-based generation while saddled with legacy systems designed to support low transaction levels.

Unfortunately, not only are these legacy systems functionally challenged, they are also costly to operate, with small changes requiring months to complete and millions of dollars.

In addition, existing billing and customer care options cannot fully realize the vision of the smart grid without a fundamental shift in the way they leverage data, manage customer relationships, and develop rate structures. Convergys designed its Smart CIS Solutions specifically to improve current utility operations while extending next generation functionality and scale for future utility operations.

The new, state-of-the-art Convergys solutions include:

* Complete end-to-end CIS functionality including customer management, revenue management, collections, inventory, work force management and campaign management, available as stand-alone modules or as a single fully-integrated solutions

* Patented, flexible architecture enabling rapid configuration of new applications without costly customization changes to core code

* A phased reference architecture enabling a “grow as you grow” footprint to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart meter deployments

* Real-time, two-way, scalable, rate calculation and billing enabling innovative and dynamic pricing and rate structures

* Multichannel customer relationship management tailored to handle utility products, processes and data

* Real-time business intelligence applied via consistent and proactive policy management

The flexibility of the solutions provides an innovative approach to enabling technology as it evolves in countries worldwide. By co-existing with legacy systems, Convergys Smart CIS Solutions can reduce the technology and investment risk traditionally associated with this kind of paradigm-shifting effort.

Utilities are no longer subject to a costly end-to-end replacement of their billing and customer care solutions, investing tens of millions of dollars and thousands of hours before the solutions prove themselves. This flexibility is accompanied by a business model tailored to the utility’s resource and capitalization requirements.

Convergys can deploy its Smart CIS Solutions via license, managed service, or build-operate-transfer, adapting to the utility’s immediate business requirements and economic environment. The combination of an incremental deployment and an adaptable business model puts the utility in the driver’s seat.


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