Door-to-door fraudsters target Ohio Edison customers

Ohio Edison, a FirstEnergy utility, is alerting its customers about recent reports of door-to-door salespeople posing as company employees.

Numerous reports have been received in north and central Ohio of individuals knocking on customers’ doors, promising savings on electricity bills. It also has been reported that these sales people may ask to see the customers’ electric or other utility bills.

“Customers should know that Ohio Edison and FirstEnergy are not engaged in any door-to-door sales campaigns,” said Randy Frame, regional president of Ohio Edison. “In some cases, we’ve heard the sales people have been quite aggressive. We urge our customers to remain vigilant before they admit any person to their residence, release any personal information or sign anything presented by an unsolicited visitor.”

All Ohio Edison and FirstEnergy employees and contractors will have company uniforms and company-issued photo identification with them. Customers who have doubts about a visitor claiming to represent Ohio Edison or FirstEnergy, or about the information they are being asked to provide, should call Ohio Edison, the utility said.

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