Illuminating Co. substation enhances service reliability for customers

The Illuminating Co., a unit of FirstEnergy Corp., is completing construction of a new about $3 million substation in Avon to help enhance customer service reliability and meet the future demand for electricity in the area.

The new substation, located on Jaycox Road in Avon, is expected to be completed by mid June and will help enhance service reliability for more than 5,000 customers in the Avon and Avon Lake areas.

Construction began in October 2014 using a standard design that was more cost effective and helped to expedite construction. The design included using precast concrete foundations, a large transformer, switching gear, and circuit breakers. In addition, animal protection devices made out of polymer material were installed on key parts of the equipment to help reduce outages caused by squirrels and other animals.

The substation is connected to the existing electric system in the Avon area using overhead and underground circuits that were built as part of this project. Specialized communications equipment also was installed at the substation to remotely monitor operations. If needed, circuit breakers or other relay devices can be reset automatically to help reduce the duration of an outage.

The substation project is part of FirstEnergy’s previously announced plan to invest more than $281 million in 2015 on distribution and transmission infrastructure projects in The Illuminating Co.’s northeast Ohio service territory. More than $166 million of the total will be spent on transmission-related projects owned by American Transmission Systems, Incorporated, a FirstEnergy transmission company.

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