JCP&L nearing completion of 2016 circuit upgrade program

Jersey Central Power & Light completed upgrades on more than 80 major circuits this year to enhance customer reliability.

Overall, the power grid modernization work will help reduce the number and duration of service interruptions for more than 113,000 customers in central and northern New Jersey.

Among the projects completed was an upgrade of equipment in the area known as the Great Swamp in Chatham Borough. The work required installing planking to allow workers to safely access the poles and wires while protecting the natural vegetation.

After gaining access, crews installed modern polymer insulators, replaced wooden cross arms with fiberglass arms, along with inspecting other equipment.

The circuit enhancement work is part of JCP&L‘s plan to invest $387 million on infrastructure projects in 2016.

“Circuit upgrades serve an important role in enhancing service to customers,” said Tony Hurley, vice president of operations for JCP&L. “As we prepare for the upcoming winter season, the work that has been completed will help prevent or reduce the duration of service interruptions to customers.”

The upgrade work included installing more resilient fuses, animal guards and lightning protection devices; enhanced tree trimming efforts; replacing wooden cross arms at the top of utility poles; and installing fault indicators that help pinpoint problem areas, helping to speed the restoration process if an outage occurs.

In addition, automated equipment was added to the distribution system that allows JCP&L to automatically detect the location of faults and quickly restore the vast majority of customer served by the line while other repairs are made.

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