Long Island residents to reduce energy use with EnerPath Software

Huntington, N.Y., April 9, 2010 – The Town of Huntington launched an energy efficiency program targeting local residents.

The Huntington Town Council will hear a recommendation to use LI Green, a local nonprofit corporation affiliated with the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University, to perform home energy assessments and provide education, recommendations and support for residents to reduce energy use.

LI Green is partnering with EnerPath to bring large-scale energy efficiency to Long Island through the use of EnerPath’s specialized software and best-practices expertise.

EnerPath, with offices in Boston and Redlands, Calif., has been delivering large-scale energy efficiency programs for over ten years. EnerPath software enables energy assessment information to be electronically captured and analyzed on-site.

Within seconds, a custom report can be printed for homeowners, showing opportunities for energy efficiency savings. Real-time dashboards of program progress are available to LI Green and the Town of Huntington through an EnerPath web portal.

EnerPath uses a tiered approach to energy efficiency and has a track record of high customer enrollment and satisfaction. By starting with Tier 1 measures, which are low-cost, easy to install and have quick-payback periods, customers embrace energy efficiency and associated energy savings. Customers with positive Tier 1 experiences will go on to implement Tier 2 and Tier 3 measures, which tend to be more complex and costly.

The tiered approach to energy efficiency, adopted by The Town of Huntington, and endorsed by the Department of Energy will enable LI Green to provide a Free Tier 1 Home Energy Assessment with recommendations on low-cost, quick-payback energy efficiency measures to Huntington residents.

Energy assessors will provide education on Tier 1 energy efficiency measures and explain Tier 2 audits and other opportunities for energy savings throughout the home, as well as other financially supported programs customers can enroll in to save energy.

Energy assessors will also provide education on Tier 3 measures like renewable energy and government incentive programs for these measures including solar and wind energy alternatives.

The Town of Huntington expects to have 2,000 residences assessed in the first phase of this program, which will last for 24 months.


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