Nations Power offers prepaid electricity with real time pricing in Texas

Houston, February 26, 2010 — Nations Power is providing pre-paid and real-time pricing for electricity to customers in Texas.

Nations Power uses smart metering technology and pre-paid billing software, which was designed specifically for use with smart meters. This allows Nations Power to deliver electricity to customers who are having problems paying for high up-front deposits or high pre-payments with other electric providers.

Nations Power’s pre-paid and real-time pricing products can use the nearly 1,000,000 advanced smart meters currently installed in Texas. The billing solution allows customers to pre-pay for power on a daily basis versus the traditional monthly post-paid or month-ahead estimated pre-paid methods.

Plans are for nearly 6 million customers to have smart meters in Texas by 2013.

Currently, the prices offered by Nations Power are about 30-40 percent lower than the estimated pre-paid companies. Furthermore, a customer can get started with Nations Power electric service with an initial $50 payment versus $100-300 with other pre-pay companies.

To pay for power, customers can access the Nations Power website and pay with a Mastercard or Visa debit card, or go to one of its 110,000 payment centers including Wal-Mart, CVS/pharmacy, and MoneyGram locations.

Customers can also view their consumption, payment, and communications history at the same web portal. SmartGridCIS is the provider of the pre-paid and real-time billing software.

Based in Houston, Texas, Nations Power is a certificated Retail Electric Provider of electricity services to smart metered customers in Texas. Nations Power only offers its products to customers with smart meters.



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