Old Dominion Electric Cooperative to use Apogee Interactive billing system

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Atlanta, February 28, 2012 – Apogee Interactive announced the implementation of BillingInsights integrated with the NISC billing system at Prince George Electric Cooperative, one of eleven member cooperatives of Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, ODEC, a generation and transmission energy provider to 1.2 million consumers.

For many years, ODEC has made available to its member cooperatives Apogee‘s comprehensive HomeEnergySuite, special purpose calculators and commercial libraries as online resources for their members.

Billing integration dramatically increases the functionality of these offerings to include the ability to produce energy audits, explain why a bill has changed from month to month or year to year, and communicate that information via computer or mobile devices as graphical, verbal or text messages.

NISC customers can now take advantage of the industry’s most accurate online bill analysis application powered by Apogee’s RESNET accredited AMES analysis engine. Apogee’s BillingInsights software shows actual end-use system energy use giving energy-saving recommendations based on an individual’s behavior operating the home.

By integrating with NISC’s billing system, users will now have the opportunity to add additional applications, such as bill analysis presented through mobile technology. This will allow consumers to receive information about their energy use via voice or texting. Also, Apogee’s EnergyInsights, an advanced auditor’s tool, can display energy use data for auditors in the field using an iPad or other tablet computers and create professional reports for customers.

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