Oracle improves customer service for Cobb EMC

Atlanta, July 18, 2012 — Atlanta based Red Clay Consulting announced today that it has completed implementation of Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management, Oracle Smart Grid Gateway and Oracle Direct Integration Pack for Cobb Electric Membership Corp. (Cobb EMC).

With the implementation of these products, Cobb EMC will enhance all aspects of its customer service, allowing the utility to refine its time-of-use rates and improve billing for its 175,000 members by providing reliable electric energy at the lowest possible price.

Cobb EMC will use this information to improve customer billing and assist with revenue protection. The hourly interval usage will be the driving factor in Cobb’s effort to provide CPP and TOU billing models to their customers via their website.

In addition, MDM will analyze meter-tampering flags, power outages, power quality, and usage to identify potential revenue protection situations, such as meter tampering or unauthorized usage; potentially saving customers money.

As a recipient of federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Cobb EMC is utilizing Oracle Utilities MDM as its repository for hourly interval usage by way of the Oracle SGG. As MDM is not the final destination for these hourly intervals, Cobb EMC is using the Oracle DIP to pass billing determinants to their Customer Information System, Oracle’s Customer Care & Billing. The DIP also keeps data in sync between CC&B and MDM.

Meter installations, disconnects, new contacts, service points etc. are all transferred to MDM from CC&B by way of the DIP, relying heavily on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Product.


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