Oracle leverages cloud technology to deliver advanced metering capabilities

As advanced metering and device technology continues to transform the industry, utilities need meter solutions that prepare them to take advantage of the additional benefits of this technology and optimize investments in it.

To assist in this effort, Oracle Utilities announced a new utilities solution delivered through Oracle Cloud to empower utilities with advanced metering capabilities.

This new cloud service enables utilities to meet evolving business and technology trends faster and with less risk, while reducing IT cost and workload. With the new solution, utilities can support grid and customer service optimization with metering capabilities that scale and flex as needs change.

With the release of this new utilities solution, robust metering capabilities are available for cloud deployment.

The new utilities solution includes preconfigured, solution implementation accelerators for water, gas, and electric utilities. These accelerators deliver out-of-the-box integration with major head-end systems; pre-configured validation, estimation, and editing rules; and pre-built workflow and analytical processes. The accelerators can significantly reduce the implementation project time and cost, saving utilities valuable resources.

The solution captures and manages data from multiple sources, leveraging pre-built integration with existing metering technology. This device-agnostic approach, paired with the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, prepares utilities and players throughout the utility industry to leverage data from across the grid, even as data sources and volumes expand rapidly with the evolution of grid edge and Internet of Things technologies.

Further, the new cloud service provides users with immediate access to a smooth upgrade path for on premise Oracle Utilities Meter Solution releases — ensuring utilities remain at the forefront of innovation. Additionally, the solution’s pre-built analytics dashboards and processes provide users with complete visibility into growing amounts of data and actionable insight in tune with the needs of the industry. 

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