Organizations take advantage of benchmarking online

March 14, 2003 — A recent informal study found that about 57% of 7,683 surveyed organizations use some form of benchmarking to assess their performance.

The survey was conducted on the web site of The Benchmarking Exchange (TBE), whose members participate in and read the results of business benchmarking surveys.

What they are benchmarking

Organizations who were surveyed used benchmarking most often to get information about employee development training, information systems technology or human resources.

Also on the list, in order of importance, are customer service satisfaction, performance measurement improvement, document control records management, process improvement management, call centers help desks, accounting and quality improvement.

More detailed information is available on this study at

Using the Internet

Member organizations were also asked what search engines they use for benchmarking, process improvement, best practices and business excellence research. TBE spent several months monitoring the top four of these search engines, counting the sources of benchmarking material available from each.

Not surprisingly, the four engines with the most information available were Lycos, Google, Yahoo! and HotBot. Lycos, with about 1.5 million benchmarking search results, had more results per month than Yahoo! and Google, which both had about 1 million. HotBot came in last with about 500,000 search results in the category.

However, TBE said its analysis showed that Lycos’ search results often had duplicate entries, so it may turn out to be similar to Yahoo! and Google.

Regardless, the study showed that there is a wealth of information available online through search engines.

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