Power Distribution Planning Software

Power Distribution Planning Software

The Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division has extended and updated the software tools Simaris design, Simaris project and Simaris curves. The new versions support electrical designers even better in planning electric power distribution systems for industrial applications and infrastructure projects. Designers can directly factor in the functional endurance of plants in the event of fire as legally stipulated in certain application cases, for instance. Separate protection of parallel cables in feed-in circuits can be determined right in the planning stage. This enables an even more realistic mapping of the network and installations as planned. All product data kept in the tools was adapted to the current Siemens product portfolio. Owing to the extension of the country-specific systems data stock, in particular the integration of more medium-voltage switchgear, transformers and distribution boards, Simaris project can be used for planning projects in Brazil, Turkey and Russia besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.


Smart Communications Technologies

A Harris Utilities SmartWorks and Tantalus strategic partnership will enable both organizations to better serve public power and mid-market utilities. Through its new partnership with SmartWorks, Tantalus will supplement its communications technology offering with smart application solutions including utility decision management (UDM), customer engagement (CES) and meter data management (MDM) solutions, including: SmartWorks Compass, a UDM solution composed of robust analytics, metrics, visualization and automation tools; MeterSense, an advanced MDM solution that enables utilities to improve business processes and enhance customer service; and CustomerConnect, a CES and Web-based data presentment tool that enables consumers to access and interpret their consumption patterns.

SmartWorks and Tantalus

Load Control Module

The Sensus FlexNet LCM for use in residential and commercial applications enables electric utilities to shed load by controlling power to energy-intensive appliances without a ZigBee-enabled meter. The DR application allows utilities to create, monitor, schedule and manage load shedding programs and events using the Sensus FlexNet multi-application, wireless communications system, which is based on open standards, interoperability and FCC-licensed spectrum. The FlexNet system enables utilities to gather data that confirms which devices are participating in the load shedding event and to know if the device is or has been tampered with. The Sensus TC240RAC-S load control module includes a powerful, 2-watt FlexNet radio that allows direct, two-way communication between the LCM and the tower with no need for pairing to a meter or other devices. Direct communication facilitates tamper alarm monitoring and over-the-air configuration, which enables LCM capabilities to be upgraded as needed. The Sensus LCM is compatible with any demand response management application.


Dual-hinge Diagonal Cutter

Dual-hinge Diagonal Cutter

The Knipex Tools LP patented, dual-hinge designed high-leverage diagonal cutter, TwinForce, achieves impressive cutting performance with two, welded, forged-in axles and precision-milled functional surfaces. This 7-inch tool cuts like a 10-inch tool. With its compact size, it can fit into tight areas that a 10-inch tool cannot. The dual-hinged design enables a high transmission of force, permitting cutting performance with considerably less strain, which is beneficial for cutting for long periods and for repetitive use. It requires approximately half of the strength to cut medium to hard wire when compared with other high-leverage diagonal cutters of the same size, even at the cutting tip.

Knipex Tools

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