Report gives Indus high ranking in CIS/billing installations

ATLANTA, July 14, 2003 — Indus International Inc., announced that it was recently ranked as the leading provider of customer information systems (CIS)/billing installations for electric, gas and water utilities in North America.

The provider of customer and asset management solutions was named in the recently published Chartwell Report on CIS Installations.

The Chartwell report shows that Indus Utility Systems serve 21.2 percent of all North American utilities in terms of number of end-use customers, more than any other vendor currently active in the CIS marketplace.

“As the Chartwell report correctly maintains, utilities need the capabilities of an advanced, robust customer management and billing system to help them better serve their growing customer population,” said John Gregg, president of Indus Utility Systems.

“Being ranked in this annual report as the leading provider of these systems — especially in terms of customers supported — demonstrates the superior performance and scalability of our solutions and the success of our strategy in this market. Our solutions support more than 67 million utility accounts worldwide and produce nearly 34 million billings per month. Furthermore, 67 percent of North American utilities with more than 1 million customers are customers of Indus CIS and EAM solutions, so it is no surprise that we are the scalability leader.”

The report also demonstrates strong leadership by Indus in CIS installations for investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and municipal utilities. Among IOUs, Indus is in a virtual tie for the lead with 8 percent of the market. And, among municipal utilities, Indus claimed a commanding lead at 19 percent – more than 10 percentage points higher than the closest competitor.

“Boosted by its long-time presence in the industry as SCT,” the report reads, “Indus Utility Systems boasts by far the largest amount of CIS installations amongst utilities by number of customers served.”

In addition, the Chartwell report mentions Indus as a company which has continued to be successful in the face of general upheaval in the CIS industry. “Despite being publicly listed as for sale last year, Indus Utility Systems was still able to secure contracts for new systems at a handful of utilities both large and small, as well as sell license upgrades to several of its existing clients.”

Today, as a division of Indus International Inc., Indus Utility Systems continues to be a leading provider of advanced CIS solutions for energy and utility companies in North America. In fact, Indus is the top-ranked vendor in the report in terms of the number of utilities or retailers represented in the analysis. Indus also ranked among the top three vendors in CIS contracts signed since 2002, in terms of estimated number of end users represented.

“We’re pleased that Chartwell’s report proves Indus continues to be successful in selling our industry-leading CIS solutions to utilities in North America, despite a challenging economy,” noted Gregg. “The fact that we continue to win contracts for large-scale installations further proves the leadership of our solutions and of our company as a whole.”

About the Chartwell Report

This new Chartwell report is based on an analysis of CIS and billing systems at 492 utilities and energy retailers, which serve more than 200 million electric, gas and water accounts in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Chartwell data is compiled from interviews with utility officials and industry vendors. The utilities and other energy providers listed in the Chartwell database serve some 117.5 million electric users, 69.4 million natural gas accounts and 17.2 million water meters.

About Chartwell

Based in Atlanta, Ga., Chartwell offers research reports, newsletters, books and online publications and information services on issues facing utility and energy company executives. Chartwell publishes three research series, several annual research reports and two monthly newsletters which focus on specific technology advancements, management techniques and/or marketing, sales and service operations and how those are being applied in the energy business. While their focus is on North American utilities and the new breed of competitive energy providers, their coverage extends worldwide, as does their readership.

About Indus International

Indus International provides value to its clients by delivering ActionPoint Management, a business improvement program which delivers all the information needed by an end user to make the best decision possible at the point where that decision is made. Indus asset and customer management software products, professional services and hosted service offerings improve our clients’ profitability by reducing costs, increasing capacity and competitiveness, improving service to their customers, facilitating billing for services and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Indus asset management solutions are used by more than 300,000 end users in more than 40 countries and diverse industries — including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, government, education, transportation, facilities and property management, consumer packaged goods and more. And, Indus customer management products and services are used by nearly 200 customers to support more than 92 million utility accounts worldwide. For more information, visit our Website at

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