SRP offers Black Friday deals on smart thermostats

SRP has launched a convenient way for customers to find the best deals on energy-efficient and water-saving products for their homes. SRP’s “marketplace” website is open in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, so residential customers can get special manufacturer discounts or instant SRP rebates on select devices.

Currently, customers can purchase a Nest thermostat for as low as $114, after discounts and rebates are applied. Once installed, they can enroll the Nest thermostat in SRP’s Bring Your Own Thermostat program to receive an additional $75 bill credit, which brings the price of the thermostat to $39.

More than 200 products are available for purchase, including LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, digital assistants, showerheads and more.

Through the online store, SRP strives to offer its customers choices for the best and most energy-efficient products on the market to save energy and money in their homes. Customers will also find helpful Buyer’s Guides for each product category to learn how each item will help them reduce energy and water consumption.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have already begun on and will vary by manufacturer through the end of November. Customers are encouraged to check back often as the deals do change.

Simple Energy, the utility industry’s leading e-commerce platform-provider, hosts and manages special promotions offered by manufacturers, as well as customer support, shipping and transactions.

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