Study: Utility companies fared well for an internal agreement of contact center measurement

San Francisco, CA, May 1, 2008 — Genesys Labs conducted a study among call center managers and technical support personnel in the utility industry. The study indicates that utility companies fared well for an internal agreement of contact center measurement. As an industry, utility falls within the “Consolidation” phase of the Genesys Contact Center Capabilities Maturity Model. Thirty-one companies participated in the survey and key findings include:

* The utilities sector focuses primarily on customer service and loyalty, a priority that is supported by senior management and reflected in their “high priority” measures.

* Seventy-nine percent of the utilities respondents report that they measure customer satisfaction with the contact center itself, through third-party surveys and call monitoring.

* Of all the groups, the utilities industry is most likely to explore home agents and consider (if not currently implementing) outsourcing their staffing needs, even though fewer respondents anticipate a smaller increase than in the other groups.

* Profit or revenue per call is not a priority with this group, and they are not likely to attempt up-selling or cross-selling as “not appropriate” to their business).

* Over 70 percent of this group is implementing CTI with screen pop, real-time reporting, workforce management, skills-based routing and touchtone IVR. The Web-based technologies and IP-based centers are implemented by less.

* While a large proportion of the utilities respondents are not employing technologies such as IP-based phone centers or IVR with speech recognition, over half are planning to implement in the next two to three years.

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