Tantalus provides AMI overlay for 15 municipal, cooperative utilities

Tantalus, a provider of smart grid communications and applications, has engaged with more than fifteen public power utilities who are currently using electric, water, and gas ERTs to upgrade from one-way communication to automated, two-way AMI through TUNet — the Tantalus Utility Network.

Utilities who have begun to deploy the joint solution have already reported significant performance gains, with some TUNet sites consistently collecting and automatically delivering double the anticipated number of ERT meter readings, essentially transforming existing AMR systems to AMI within weeks.

In addition to the basic network overlay, Tantalus has completed a MultiSpeak integration from TUNet to CBPU’s MeterSense MDMS from Harris Utilities, SmartWorks, which will enable future implementations of real-time applications such as voltage management, system optimization, water conservation projects and advanced data analytics.

The utility’s goal is to use this integrated platform to improve customer service by providing tools for energy usage presentment and improved billing data analytics. CBPU also anticipates that the continued migration toward more advanced technology will become an opportunity for the utility to help develop the technical skill set of its workforce while increasing the safety and efficiency of many departments including metering, customer service and operations.

CBPU, along with numerous other utilities including Garland Power & Light, Cedar Falls Utilities, City of Healdsburg, and the Piedmont Municipal Power Agency are now implementing this low capital cost AMI migration solution, which has been tailored specifically for municipal and cooperative utilities. These utilities that have already begun the migration represent just a portion of the nearly 40 million electric and 20 million gas and water legacy ERT devices already in the field.

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