Tempus Energy selects Junifer Utilities CIS for customer care and billing

Junifer Systems said Tempus Energy has chosen the Junifer Utilities CIS customer care and billing software solution to underpin its dynamic demand-flexibility energy supply strategy, designed to drive down the cost for consumers of renewable, low-carbon electricity.

With both domestic and business services officially launched in March 2015, Tempus Energy’s approach to electricity supply is designed to reward customers with access to lower electricity tariffs for being flexible in their usage demands — the greater the flexibility, the bigger the savings.

Tempus Energy’s business model automatically manages customers into the cheapest possible price point for every unit they consume. It is a radical approach that requires a customer care and billing solution equal to the complexity of the task.

Tempus Energy chose Junifer Systems’ Junifer Utilities CIS following a thorough evaluation of the available customer care and billing solutions on the market.

Not only can it handle the billing complexities associated with the smart energy trading devices Tempus Energy installs on customers’ premises and its buy-side technology designed to pass on to customers the benefits of constantly changing prices in the wholesale market, it is even capable of handling the billing aspects of the credit bonuses Tempus Energy proposes giving customers for meeting their agreed energy usage targets.

Junifer Utilities CIS product suite is a complete, end-to-end solution comprising Customer Relationship Management and Billing modules at its core with additional modules for MDM (Meter Data Management), Market Data Flow integration, Ticketing, Accounts Receivable and a Web Enabler. Automated processing of interval meter readings for gas, electricity and water is supported to a granularity as low as half-an-hour.

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