Utilismart launches geographic analysis tool at DistribuTECH

Utilismart Corp. chose DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2014 as the Launchpad for its new geographic analysis platform, dubbed SmartMap.

SmartMap provides the engineering and operational groups at an electric utility with a geographic analysis tool of their medium voltage distribution system. It helps utilities build an analytic model of the grid system and combines that with data from smart meters, wholesale meter points and other sensors to create a simulation of the distribution system. SmartMap helps utilities understand, plan and operate the power grid more effectively.

SmartMap runs real, measured voltage and load meter data through an engineering model and a connectivity model to eliminate guesswork and estimates. It provides a realistic and reliable simulation of distribution networks from the transmission substation all the way down to individual meters. It acts like a virtual data scientist, converting vast amounts of complex data into actionable information.

Users can click on a map of your system and click on any line to see how much power is flowing over it — real and reactive power, percentage loading, current and losses (as calculated by SmartMap based on the model and measured data). Users can also click on any node to see the voltage and real and reactive load.

“With SmartMAP acting as a Virtual Engineer, the system is constantly analyzing Load Flow Conditions along with many other Distribution outputs and performing predictive analysis on the distribution network. Utility employees can feel confident that the distribution infrastructure is being monitored in real time and anomalies are highlighted to Operations for further analysis. Any potential failures can be identified and addressed proactively so as not to experience outages and ultimately keeping the lights on for the customer… all without having to install expensive and complicated hardware, by simply utilizing data that already exists in most utilities,” said John Avdoulos, Utilismart Corp. president.

Utilismart is a turnkey, single point of contact, meter data management (MDM) online data solution company providing end-to-end managed AMI operations, CIS integration (meter-to-cash), voltage monitoring, transformer overloading, outage management and theft detection.

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