Utility employees reap benefits from participating in their company’s customer-loyalty culture

Phoenix, AZ, Mar. 16, 2007 — Utilities that focus on customer loyalty are traveling the road to success. But employee buy-in is critical and Phoenix-based Measure-X says not all employees understand that they can directly benefit from a corporate culture that strives to make every customer loyal.

“Utility executives and managers tell employees that customer loyalty boosts company profits, but staff members know they will never see the money,” says David Saxby, president of Measure-X, a company that specializes in helping utilities improve their customer service and sales. “Why should they care? Why should they go the extra mile to provide outstanding service that leads to loyalty?”

Utility employees should care a lot, according to Saxby, and he offers the following four benefits that can stem directly from customer loyalty.

Job stability. “In any given week, you can read about a company laying off thousands of employees,” Saxby says. “While there are many factors and reasons as to why a business fails or flounders, strong customer loyalty can help a business stay afloat, even during economic downturns. No business ever suffered from having loyal customers and that translates into increased job security.”

Better benefit packages. Loss of customers results in loss of revenue and corrective measures may be taken, including the reduction or loss of employee benefits, Saxby says. “Utilities with a customer-loyalty focus and culture protect the financial stability of the company and all of the benefits provided for employees,” Saxby notes.

Career advance opportunities. Not everyone is interested in climbing the corporate ladder, but those who are will find the opportunities are there at a financially stable company, Saxby says. “Companies with a customer-loyalty focus and commitment typically understand the value in investing in the development of their employees,” Saxby explains. “That can lead to more training opportunities for employees. Employees can develop new skills and learn about different facets of the business.”

A sense of pride. “No matter how large or small a company is, when it is loyalty focused, it is generally recognized as a quality place to work,” Saxby says. “Employees not only enjoy working there, they also have a sense of pride. This may be an intangible benefit, but it is one well worth having.”

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