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SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 12, 2001– Siebel Systems, Inc., a provider of eBusiness applications software, announced that Vector, a New Zealand electricity distributor, is enhancing customer service and satisfaction using Siebel eBusiness Applications. By introducing Siebel eEnergy — a version of Siebel eBusiness Applications tailored to the unique demands of the energy industry — and Siebel eChannel — the company’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform, Vector has created a single, comprehensive view of its customers and business partners, and created a customer-driven business model, that will `set the standard’ for business in the deregulated national electricity market.

The deregulation of the New Zealand electricity sector separated electricity retailing companies from distributors, and Vector, as a network owner and operator, could have been effectively removed from direct customer contact. Electricity retailers became the primary customer contact point, and most network operators communicate through them. To operate within this market structure, and create and manage a direct line of communication with its electricity customers, Vector has deployed Siebel eBusiness Applications. The strategy is a key driver of the company’s expansion plans and enables it to design and maintain the network according to the needs of its customers.

Using Siebel eEnergy, Vector is now able to integrate information and business processes across 120 in-house staff, up to 300 field contractors, 20 call center operators and the seven electricity retailers responsible for billing customers directly. Business processes such as new connections and fault reports are now managed through one central system from the logging of a customer call, to the dispatch of contract staff in the field, the reporting of a completed job and billing to the customer, providing Vector with a consolidated, detailed view of the customer. Siebel eChannel will enable the company to streamline communications and transactions with its business partners, leading to more efficient communications and increased partner loyalty.

“Customer relationships in a deregulated environment are vital for growth and stability. This is no less important for companies such as Vector, who are not in the direct line of competitive fire, but are looking to add value to their business,” said Maxine Elliot, general manager Commercial at Vector. “Siebel eBusiness Applications are helping us to reach our customer service targets such as reducing the time it takes to restore power after an interruption, and reducing the average duration of power loss for customers connected to our network. With Siebel Systems we haven’t just installed an eBusiness system, we’re busy embedding a whole customer philosophy.”

Vector, which owns and operates more than a billion dollars worth of infrastructure assets in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the lines and cables that distribute power to more than 260,000 commercial and residential customers.

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