Ventyx hardens Jamaican utility against power outages from storms

Ventyx, an ABB company, signed a software license agreement worth more than $3 million with Jamaica Public Service.

JPS will upgrade its Ventyx customer information system (CIS) solution and implement Ventyx’s mobile workforce management and outage management system solutions to gain greater visibility across its transmission network —improving outage restoration times in the aftermath of severe weather conditions.

Located in the hurricane belt of the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica is often affected by tropical storms, causing power outage problems for its 2.8 million citizens. Using the Ventyx solution, JPS will establish an integrated transmission & distribution system that will enable it to rapidly restore energy services to its customers and lessen the impact of future storms.

JPS has relied on the Ventyx CIS solution for more than 15 years. With this new agreement, the utility is expanding its CIS implementation and adding the Ventyx mobile workforce management and outage management systems to provide an integrated, end-to-end outage restoration solution.

As a result, JPS personnel will be able to more quickly locate customer outages, identify root causes, dispatch crews to repair the outages and verify restoration with customers – improving reliability, reducing downtime and enhancing customer service.

JPS has worked for more than 90 years to satisfy Jamaica’s energy needs, growing from a modest network serving fewer than 4,000 customers to become the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica with a customer base of close to 600,000. JPS meets the energy needs of the citizens of Jamaica with generation capacity that exceeds 620 MW from 27 generating units including eight hydropower plants and one wind farm, as well as 54 substations and about 14,000 kilometers of distribution and transmission lines.

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