Washington’s Benton PUD gets AMI solutions from Sensus

Benton Public Utilities District needed to upgrade its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology. They turned to Sensus, a Xylem brand, for a solution.

As part of their solution the utility wanted a network that would allow for fast communication with electricity meters while also serving as the foundation for future applications. After evaluating AMI solutions, the Benton PUD team determined that the Sensus AMI solution would lay a foundation for future success. One of the biggest factors in the decision was the Sensus FlexNet communication network, a robust, two-way communication network that offered exactly the right capabilities to meet both current and future needs.

“We wanted to deploy a network that would allow us to improve communication with customers, so AMI made sense,” said Benton PUD Operations Director Steve Hunter. “We also felt the FlexNet system was an extremely reliable network that would allow us to develop more capabilities and extend additional benefits to our customers.”

Benton PUD’s AMI solution also included the Stratus electricity meter. The utility team believed that the accuracy of the Stratus meter would improve customer service and found the meter’s remote connect/disconnect functionality attractive.

“This AMI solution has enabled us to improve our response time to outages and pinpoint issues we previously would have never detected,” said Hunter.

Since its deployment, the AMI solution has offered great success for Benton PUD and its customers. The FlexNet system has provided the flexibility and security the utility desired. Benton PUD is able to work more proactively on behalf of its customers by communicating with them and initiating repairs more quickly.

“We know we made the right choice with Sensus because the value of our network has increased over time,” said Hunter.

Read the case study to learn more about Benton PUD’s foundation for the future and benefits to customers.


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